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Leo was born and raised in Colusa along with his sister and three brothers. His grandfather originally settled in the Colusa area in the 1800's. Upon graduating from Colusa High School, Leo earned an undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University and his law degree from the University of California, Davis. He began his career as a deputy district attorney in Butte County and in a private law firm before returning to Colusa to start his own practice. The majority of Leo's practice involvs defending his clients' rights in the courtroom. Whether it's a family in an estate dispute or a person accused of a crime, Leo is passionate about helping his clients through the litigation process. In addition to the courtroom, Leo has developed estate planning and real estate practices. Above all, Leo prides himself in knowing when to recommend a client to another attorney. If a client, or potential client, needs assistance in an area that he is not familiar with, he has a network of relationships with attorneys to refer to that will best serve the client.
Raised as one of five children in Colusa, Luke graduated from Colusa High School and earned an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Following his time at Davis, Luke spent five years playing minor league baseball in the San Diego Padres Organization. After his playing days came to an end, Luke headed back to school and received his law degree from Santa Clara University. Out of Law School, Luke began his career as a civil litigator at a large California firm based in Sacramento. There he worked on general litigation issues with an emphasis on commercial issues and eminent domain. In the Spring of 2013, Luke made his way back to his hometown to work with his father at Steidlmayer Law. Since returning to Colusa, Luke has focused on Business and Agricultural issues in the region.
Erin was born in Honolulu, Oahu, and moved to Marin County, California when she was six years old. Erin graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. After college, she worked as a legal assistant for her uncle’s construction business where she developed an interest in a legal profession.

Erin attended Santa Clara University School of Law where she earned a High Tech Law Certificate with a specialty in Intellectual Property. While in law school, she studied at Oxford University and was a technical editor for the Santa Clara High Tech Law Journal. After taking the Bar Exam, Erin was a volunteer law clerk for the City Attorney of Milpitas until she landed a job at Oracle America, Inc. During her four years at Oracle, she worked with companies all over the country to educate, advise and enforce Oracle’s software licensing and business practices.

After starting a family, Erin wanted to sharpen her career focus to balance with her growing family. She moved to Colusa where she found she could truly feel connected to her work. Since joining Steidlmayer Law, Erin has focused on Business, Succession Planning and other Estate issues.
Linda grew up in Maxwell and has worked with Leo since his practice opened in Colusa over 35 years ago. Based on her experience, ability to relate to people and handle the many different tasks required of her, Linda is an integral person in the practice
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Griselda also grew up in Colusa County - in Williams - and has worked at Steidlmayer Law for the past 8 years. She handles many administrative issues around the office and is the firm's interpreter whenever necessary. Habla español
Griselda Romero